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March 12, 2019

How to Send Large Videos in WhatsApp

We are spilling the secrets on how to send large video files using WhatsApp. In this article you will find the best software for compressing large video files and other alternatives for sending large files easily and quickly.

Today, it seems that almost everyone is using WhatsApp for messaging and sharing files with friends. WhatsApp is a very good platform for exchanging all sorts of files: photos, music or videos. But like almost any messenger or email account, WhatsApp has limits on file size for uploading.

You can look at the the WhatsApp rules for file sharing. Today we want to find out how to send large video files that are much bigger than the maximum allowed size.

How Big a File You Can Send with WhatsApp

The maximum allowed document size is 100 MB. This limit is okay for short videos (about 2-4 minutes long) that’s not taken at a very high quality. Remember that to share any file via WhatsApp, it must be saved on your phone. When the recipient starts downloading the file, it will be saved in the WhatsApp Documents folder (you can find it using a file explorer app on your device).

What Video Formats You Can Share on WhatsApp

There are some restrictions for video formats that you can share in WhatsApp. You can send video files in the following formats:

  • MP4,
  • MKV,
  • AVI,
  • 3GP,
  • MOV.

How to Send Very Large Video Files in WhatsApp

We are spilling the secrets on how to send large video files using WhatsApp. In this article you will find options for sending large files via WhatsApp easily and quickly.

If you need to send files via WhatsApp that are bigger than 100MB, let’s look at some good options for sending large video files without losing quality.

Send Large Videos through Google Drive

One good option for sharing large videos in WhatsApp is to use Google Drive. You may already have Google Drive installed on your phone, especially if it’s an Android device. Most people use Google Drive to make regular backups of all data on their phones. But you can easily share files and videos that are already stored on your Google Drive too.
Just open the WhatsApp chat and send a link to your file on Google Drive. This link allows to watch the video and download the file. Of course, don’t forget to give your contacts access to the file.

Send Large Videos via FileWhopper

If you need to send a really huge video with the highest possible quality, our advice is to check out online service FileWhopper. Why FileWhopper? Because this file-sharing service has no limits on file size for upload. So you can easily share a 100GB video file. But when the file you need to upload is really big, you need to use your PC. FileWhopper helps you upload huge files via a tiny desktop app. Once the file is uploaded, you can share the download link with the recipient via WhatsApp. But your recipient will also need to use a computer to download your huge video file.

Send Large Videos via Dropbox

One more option for sharing large video files is Dropbox. First of all, you need to have a Dropbox account and install the app on your phone. This method is almost the same as using Google Drive: all you need to do is create and share the download link to your file.

How to Convert Large Video Files

Have you faced a problem on WhatsApp due to video format restrictions? Try changing the file format using one of the free video converters. Some of those tools also help reduce the file size, but be prepared that reducing the size might also reduce video quality. Don’t want to lose quality? Then simply use file-sharing services.

We hope this article helped you find a way that works for you for sharing large video files on WhatsApp. Share your ideas and experience in comments below.


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