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The Top Tips on How to Boost Your Business with Telegram

Read this article to learn how to boost your business with Telegram.

Telegram, that famous blue social media app, has been around for a while. However, its popularity has been on the rise lately. Following the pandemic, a lot of users and businesses are flocking to the platform because of its user-friendly features, which make it very advantageous to businesses. As companies, team leaders, and employers are now re-strategizing to keep up with changes in consumer behavior, it comes as no surprise that Telegram is leading the charge.

As a platform with over 400 million active users every month and up to 70 billion messages sent per day, Telegram is an ever-growing arena in terms of engagement and opportunities. When it comes to business marketing, more and more professionals are realizing that the blue app has greater benefits than WhatsApp. This has made Telegram marketing for online business promotion a thing that every forward-thinking company should tap into.

In this article, we will show you how to use Telegram to amplify your business. Even if you are already on other social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, the blue platform will help you grow your customer base.

What Is the Best Way to Use Telegram for Business Purposes?

When considering how to use Telegram for business and how it can help you generate engagement, here are things you should know:

1. Telegram is a platform with a high level of engagement

If you are looking to increase engagement from customers and potential clients, Telegram is your tool. It has features such as bots and gifs that drive conversation and bring businesses closer to their customers. It even gives app developers the option to create their own tools. Therefore, if you are looking to build something with your tech team, you can enjoy the creative freedom it presents.

It has been shown that the blue app has more views than some other social media platforms. For example, Facebook has a view rate of 4 percent. At the same time, Instagram’s view rate is 3 percent, while Telegram has an amazing 20 percent rate! It comes as no surprise considering the degree of freedom you can get on the app. Forward-thinking and innovative companies are now taking advantage of this high engagement to reach out to more people and increase the loyalty of existing customers. Considering that there are no limits on the number of people you can have in a Telegram group, you can easily use this to build your brand and get your message out there.

Telegram’s engagement is especially important in this pandemic period, where most people are doing business online. As millennials are getting tired of surfing through Instagram or Twitter all day long, they are venturing into exploring other apps.

Do not get stuck on Instagram alone. Go where the crowd is going and cast your marketing net.

2. Telegram imposes no group size limits

It goes without saying that marketing is all about reaching and engaging with as many people as possible. With apps like WhatsApp, this can be difficult to do. This is because the green app has a limit to the number of users you can have in a group at any given time. You cannot have more than 200 people in a group when using this app. This figure greatly reduces your networking opportunities and makes it difficult to scale.

On the other hand, the blue app has no group size limits. This means there is no limit to the number of users you can have in a Telegram group! In essence, you can reach more people, share your brand message, and scale easily. For example, there are popular Telegram groups that have more than 1 million followers. Imagine tapping into this potential. On this platform, you can easily make important announcements concerning any moves your company is making. This will make your customers and potential clients feel included, allowing you to expand your brand’s reach.

3. Telegram pods are powerful tools for growing your presence on other social media platforms

If you are looking to boost your business’ reach on other social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, Telegram pods will help you a lot. Telegram pods are groups of people in a chat created for the purpose of promoting each other’s brands. Everyone in such a group will like, comment, and share anything posted there by a member. You can join a pod and post a picture or link in the group from your Instagram handle, and members will share, like, and even comment on it. You can then do the same when any other member of the group posts something.

You can take this a step further by creating a pod filled with people who are passionate about your brand. You can share a link to a post you made on your Facebook or Instagram page. They will then follow the link to like, comment, and share. The great thing about this is that you don’t need to have all the members in your contacts. People can be added with their Telegram usernames, or they can join through the invite link.

Companies with a strong technological presence will find Telegram pods extra useful, especially if they know about bots and other additional features. However, for businesses who are not conversant with this feature, creating bots can be more expensive. That said, there are lots of basic and free bots on the platform that you can take advantage of. As a business owner, you can use them to create and send reminders to keep everyone in the group engaged. Instead of asking someone to post reminders manually, you can have these bots send them out automatically according to your requirements.

4. Telegram offers human-to-human communication

When using platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, most brand handles need to be followed. This creates a barrier and limits interaction and intimacy between brands and their customers.

However, on Telegram, the story is different. Since marketing on this app happens in the form of groups, a different level of intimacy is created, which most other social media apps do not have. Being part of a group gives customers a sense of ‘belonging.’ It makes them feel like they are part of something bigger as they can interact with other customers who share similar interests and brand ideology. In addition, it gives a feeling of mutual engagement because individuals feel like they are communicating directly with the business. In a century where advancements in technology have created a society where everyone feels more isolated, Telegram breaks this status quo to offer a more human marketing environment.

On Telegram, when you post a message, your customers know the post is coming from a human and not just an out-of-reach brand. They can ask questions, and you can easily answer them. Telegram allows users to see companies as humans, while Instagram does the opposite. This goes to show why Telegram records such a high engagement rate.

5. Telegram bots will take your marketing to a new level

This feature allows you to create Telegram bots on the platform, which will enable you to automate your marketing process. For example, you can automatically send reminders to people who are part of your Telegram group. Instead of hiring an individual to handle this task manually, you can automate the process with these bots.

In the end, you save more money by using Telegram bots for your marketing. The great part about this feature is that once a bot is created, you can use it endlessly.

You can do almost anything with this feature, especially when you consider that there is a bot for virtually any function you need to be carried out.

6. Telegram can increase your social media presence

Considering the huge number of people on the platform and the new users joining daily, Telegram offers plenty of opportunities for businesses utilizing it. If you are not already on Telegram, now is the time to join it.

You can also use it to increase your brand presence and engagement across other platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. In essence, Telegram can help you grow your channels on other social media apps. Besides, a considerable number of users prefer it to Twitter, Instagram, and the rest. To reach this group of people, who are otherwise out of your reach, it makes sense to be on Telegram.

In a time where organizations are making power moves to connect with more people virtually, Telegram is an influential tool to communicate your brand’s ideology. You can even use the platform to divert traffic to your website, increase engagement, and generate more revenue.

7. Telegram offers more security than other applications

Another reason why Telegram is becoming increasingly popular among individuals and businesses is the increased security it offers. In terms of safety, this platform has excelled more than its peers.

As users continue to grow increasingly concerned over the potential security risks of using apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook, Telegram boasts more protection for businesses. Companies can hold sensitive discussions and talk about plans with their partners. Teams can have private meetings without worrying about their sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

As remote work is becoming increasingly popular, team leaders are now hosting meetings on this platform. Telegram has useful security features such as self-destructive messages and secret chats. These amazing tools are not available on WhatsApp.

The self-destructive message feature allows you to send communications that delete themselves permanently a few seconds after the recipient has read them. This is especially useful if you want to deliver a message or hold a conversation that you want to keep private. Immediately the conversation is over or as soon as the person who the message is intended for is done reading it, the message deletes itself automatically.

How Do You Share Large Files with Your Team?

To run a successful business, marketing is not enough. Communication between members of the team is essential to growth. In some cases, you might be faced with the challenge of having to send a large file or folder. While there are many platforms for sending large files, they are quite limited, which can be frustrating.

For example, most of them require that you pay a subscription fee and sign up for a weekly, monthly, or yearly plan before you can use their services. This is a problem, especially if you do not send large files regularly. In addition, they can be quite slow when transferring data. Nobody likes the idea of waiting 6 hours just to send a 500 GB file. Besides the poor security, which puts your data at risk, these platforms also limit the size of files that you are allowed to send.

FileWhopper has surpassed all of these limitations, which makes it one of the best cloud-based platforms for transferring and downloading large files and folders over the internet. You do not need to subscribe to any plan before you can use the platform. Simply input the size of the file or folder that you wish to transfer, and you will receive a one-time price quote. No extra charges are necessary.

You can also send files and folders of literally ANY size to your colleagues or employees at amazingly high speeds. Your upload speed is not throttled, and no limitations are placed on the file size that you can send. This means that you don’t need to compress your files – we all know this reduces the quality of your media.

Security is also a priority: your files and folders are encrypted during transfer to ensure hackers do not intercept them. FileWhopper also gives you a password that you should share with the person you are sending your data to. No unauthorized person can view or download the data without this password.


If you are yet to include Telegram in your marketing strategy, this is something you should do immediately. Tap into its unique features and the millions of users on this platform to grow your business and increase your revenue.

FileWhopper is another tool you should use if you want to increase the efficiency of your company’s operations.

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