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July 22, 2017

14 Useful Services for Designers and Web Developers

14 useful services for designers and web developers that will help you send big files and save you time on other tasks

We do know how important it is to have some useful internet services at hand to help make your work process fast and convenient. So let’s go through some awesome options that will help you send big files and save you time on other everyday tasks.

Pattern Library

Pattern Library is a library of qualitative patterns. This project compiles patterns shared by the most talented designers to use freely in your designs. That’s sure to make your work faster when you need it.

Character Code

This is kind of a reference book for the most common characters which are shown along with HTML Codes, Hexadecimal Codes and HTML Entities for ASCII characters from A-Z

Simply place the chosen character code where you'd like the character to appear. Codes as such play a key part in translation projects.


You can check how an image will look on different types of devices with Sizzlepiq. You can even upload more than one picture at once. Scale, crop, edit and preview, before your final images are ever created!


This is an open-source framework for developing designs and interfaces for business applications. Flakes is a combination of CSS Libraries, JavaScript Libraries and Design files that serve as a foundation for great design.


Do you know how to transfer files from PC to PC the easiest and most trusted way?

Try the FileWhopper software if you are looking for secure file transfer. The main benefits of FileWhopper are the highest possible speed due to using multi threaded data transfer technology and no size limit for any files.

Material Palette

A palette generator for those who are fond of Material Design. Just choose two colors and get a full palette that you can download.

UX Check

Chrome can do anything, even check a website for problems with usability. UX Check is an extension for your web browser that looks for and highlights problems. Then you can export the marks and take action to fix the issues.


Applepie is a set of CSS tools for developing advanced web interfaces. It simplifies working with the code and its organization through a semantic approach to CSS.


Frame is a service for online creation of mockups. Just upload and crop the images you plan to use. A very useful service if you need to quickly draw up the site layout and show it to somebody.

JS Nice

JS Nice analyzes the JS script loaded by you, and turns it into a common form, renaming variables and parameters. This service uses data based on hundreds of open source projects.

CSS3 Generator

The CSS3 generator helps you maximize the use of CSS3 features. The service provides more than 10 different CSS3 effects, and also reports which browsers support these styles.


It is a "sandbox" for web developers. The main part of the screen is divided into panels (CSS, HTML, JavaScipt and Results) and has a lot of different settings. Projects can be saved and shared.

CSS Triggers

It is a useful table with information about CSS properties and the processes that occur when properties change. The service will be useful for those who work with web animation.

Web Developer Checklist

Before launching your project, check all items on your checklist and make sure nothing has been forgotten. This tool simplifies the task a great deal.

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