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Best Way to Transfer Large Files from PC to PC

Still think that to transfer big files to your friend means copying and pasting to USB flash drives? Stop doing this! Thanks to the faster broadband speeds, to send large files between two pcs today means having to make just a few mouse clicks.

The only problem that you may face is choosing the best file-sharing service, because some of them have restrictions on file size for uploading.  We'll share some great internet services that help to send large files of any size!

Best Way to Send Large Files from PC to PC: Dropbox

Dropbox is a very easy to use file sharing service, and it works on any OS. Your files can be shared through a download URL by a couple of clicks or taps. Note that there are time limits and password protection. The main disadvantage is that you get only 2GB of storage for free. Upgrading to 1TB will cost $9.99 a month. So Dropbox is not very useful if you want to send large files only once without getting a monthly subscription plan.

Best Way to Send Large Files from PC to PC: Google Drive

Send large files from PC to PC with Google Drive the simple way. Your files can be shared with your friends via email or a link in seconds without any time limits or password options. You will have access to Google Drive from any desktop platform. Google Drive users get free 15GB of storage place, but if you want to get more you will need to upgrade your plan. It will cost about $10 a month for 2 TB.

Best Way to Send Large Files from PC to PC: FileWhopper

FileWhopper is a very interesting service for sending large files. Its best feature is that you don’t have to buy any monthly subscription plan. And what’s even more awesome, there is no file size restriction! You can even send a 100GB or 1TB file at once. What other services can offer something like this? FileWhopper guarantees a secure file transfer without losing any data. Just pay a one time fee and transfer large files from PC to PC quickly and safely.

Best Way to Send Large Files from PC to PC: Send Anywhere

With Send Anywhere you can send large files without any setup. You also get a variety of different useful file-sharing options. Send your files via a URL link or via email. Working with Send Anywhere through the web is very easy, but there are file size limits. You can send only 10 GB at a time for free with the link active for 48 hours. Want more? Get the Plus account with 50 GB file size limit for $5.99 a month.

Best Way to Send Large Files from PC to PC: MediaFire

MediaFire is a nice service for online file storage and file sharing. Remember that you need to create a free account before starting to use this service. Good feature: uploading a lot of files at once is very easy. Then you can share them with just a couple of clicks by creating a download link. MediaFire gives you 10GB of storage space for free. Upgrade to a Pro account for $3.75 a month and you will have 1TB of space with a file size limit of 20GB. With the Pro plan there won’t be any annoying ads, which is a great bonus.

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  • Ben

    Try “FTP Manager Pro” app for file transfer. It’s useful for moving files between PCs, FTP servers, mobile devices and cloud storage. Secure transfers are supported through the SFTP and FTPS protocol. File transfers are quick, and I can now easily manage files any of my files, directly from my PC with this app.

    • Hanna Welch

      Hi Ben! Thank you for this useful advice.