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7 Best Fast & Free Apps for Large File Sharing Online

With the corporate world also moving to cloud-based solutions to increase productivity, online file-sharing has become an on-demand service. Check out the seven top apps to consider for a secure file sharing experience.

Nowadays, most of the work is done online. People use various devices to work on the document due to a lot of moving. One can start a project on their PC at the office, review it on their way home using a smartphone and then send to a colleague when they get on their laptop at home. The use of multiple devices has increased the need to have files stored online, so they would be easy to access whenever, wherever, regardless of the device being used.

With the corporate world also moving to cloud-based solutions to increase productivity, online file-sharing has become an on-demand service. Sharing files via email can be a little frustrating as it will limit you to a certain size of the file that you can share. However, by acquiring the fastest file sharing services online, regardless of the file size, you can send it within a short period. There are a number of characteristics that determine if a file-sharing service provider is actually the best and will provide good services. Take note of the following features when selecting what is the best file-sharing in 2019 moving forward;

  • Fast and secure—although you may be mainly interested in moving your large files from point A to B, you should be cautious of the security measures applied. Files can easily be intercepted and compromised during transit, hence it is vital to ensure that the service you are on has updated security tools to encrypt your files during the transfer.
  • Affordability—you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to enjoy high-quality service. Competition in the file sharing service industry is already high enough for vendors to present competitive prices. Thus, do not be swayed by price, as it might not determine if a service is poor or great.
  • Reputation—when it comes to any business that is customer-oriented, reputation is key to its success. Without good reputation, there is no proven track record to function as a guarantee to the client that they will receive professional and up-to-standard service. Therefore, pay attention to the reputation of the brand you wantto settle for.

The Seven Top Apps to Consider for a Secure File Sharing Experience

1. Box

Box is one of the oldest in the EFSS industry and since its establishment, it has remained a major player by swiftly adapting to new trends propelled by the ever-evolving technology. This product has plenty of features and the platform is designed to enhance user experience. The platform supports over 120 file formats and implements the latest technology to secure files being stored and transferred on their servers. Other cool features include the ability for multiple users to go in and edit the same file in real-time. The upload limit is capped at 2GB, which is far greater than Gmail’s 25MB limit. 

2. Dropbox Transfer

This program is new in the industry, having been rolled out by the brand as a middle path between email and cloud-based storage services. It is among the best file sharing apps for Windows 10. Using a basic account, you can transfer files as large as 100MB with the Plus Premium users eligible to transfer files of up to 2GB in size. The Pro Premium users have the liberty to transfer up to 100GB. The program works like email, as it lets the receiver have their own copy of the file, so any changes made will not be visible to you as the receiver or change your copy of the document. The transferred files will be deleted automatically after 7 days, a feature that is implemented to promote privacy.  

3. MailBigFile

Mail Big File software is not exactly an industry game-changer. However, their intuitive and easy to use system makes it a worthy program to consider. The program delivers a simplified way of sharing large files online at lightning speeds. Without having to pay anything, you can send up to 2GB of files and they will be available for download up to 10 days before being deleted. There is also a limited number of downloads allowed for the files shared, which is currently 20. The paid version is great if you are looking to add more devices, as it also supports iOS devices. The pro version also eliminates ads that are visible in the free version, as well as allows up to 50 downloads per shared file.  


Sharing files temporarily is the main concept of this program. The platform does not mention any limits and will send any large file within a short period. It also allows the user to select the amount of time they want the sent file to remain active starting with as little as 10 minutes to 24 hours.

5. Pixeldrain

If you are looking for a massive amount of storage space when sharing your large files online, then, you should consider Pixeldrain. Not only does the platform present you with up to 100TB of free storage space, it also allows the user to upload files of up to 10GB. The files are then shared to unlimited recipients. However, the user should be aware of the number of days the files can be stored on their servers. Pixeldrain will only store your files up to 100 days before deleting them; which is still a long period compared to most of the leading online file-sharing services. 

6. Dropcorn

Unlike other programs that will let anyone across the world download files from your cloud-based account, as long as they have been granted access, this program implements a unique way of protecting your files. It only allows downloads from devices that are 100 feet away from you. The downside is that it needs permission to track your location, which can be a little uncomfortable to many. Dropcorn requires the user to create a room that will only be visible to people who are 100 feet away from them for the next minute. However, for them to download a file, they will need your permission. After the active period passes, the room and the content in it will disappear.

How do you choose?

You can select one or more file sharing apps depending on both your personal and professional needs. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to such apps. Only go with those that best suit your company and individual goals, after further research. In case you want to learn more about EFFS and sharing apps, you can read all about it here.

Special Mention — FileWhopper

Another great tool to use when sharing large files or folders online is FileWhopper. The platform is designed with the end user’s experience in mind. It features amazing elements that are essential in promoting data security and privacy. FileWhopper lets its users transfer files and folders of any size and pay precisely for the amount of data they want to transfer. Moreover, it keeps the data ready for download for the next 14 days before wiping it off the server. Here is how it works:

  • Select the file or folder you wish to share.
  • Using the FileWhopper app, upload your large file or folder.
  • Copy the link to your data and share it with the intended recipient(s). 
  • Remember to share the password required for decrypting your data as well.
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