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FileWhopper Business VS Cloud Storage
Features FileWhopper Business Typical Cloud Storage
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Payment model Pay-as-you-go: the user purchases a transfer package, which gets reduced with use, without any time limits or subscriptions Subscription: you pay monthly/yearly for file storage and transfers, even if you don't send anything
What is the cost tied to? Size of files sent / GB Storage space / GB
How long is the file stored for after upload? 14 days by default / You can always purchase additional time (up to 90 days) for storing your data During the paid subscription period
Number of downloads for each transfer 1 by default / You can always purchase additional downloads Unlimited
File storage time after download 3 days During the paid subscription period
Maximum transfer size Unlimited 200GB - 250GB
File syncing between computer drive and cloud drive Not implemented Users often have problems with Internet traffic bandwidth, which is spent on constant data synchronization. The more files to sync, the more problems there will be.
Option to pause upload or download, and switch to other tasks that require internet traffic Yes No
Ability to download a file while it is still uploading Yes No
Data access security Zero knowledge encryption

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Often, there is a situation when the user gives access to the entire folder while wanting to share a single file from it

What conclusions can be drawn?

Let's take a look at your case and see how much you can benefit by moving most of your data to a computer drive/external drive and purchasing our transfer package.

Cloud storage is best for those:

  • Who frequently or regularly share the same files that are stored on the cloud drive
  • Who want the data constantly synchronized between the cloud and their computer drives
  • Who prefer to store data on the cloud instead of using a computer drive for it

FileWhopper is best for those:

  • Who only want to pay for the gigabytes they send and save money
  • Who don’t mind storing most of the data on their computer drive or external drive
  • Who mostly send different files and folders
  • Who want to send data to a specific recipient or recipients
  • Who don’t want their data to be constantly synchronized, slowing down their computer
  • Who are concerned that they might lose sensitive data or access to accounts on the cloud server. As one of our users said, “Trusting cloud storage with your data is like trusting your Bitcoins to the FTX exchange.”

In any case, it is ultimately up to you to decide what to use for storing or sending files. The above "Best for..." lists are just our suggestions.

September 24, 2018

How to Get the Most Amazing Portrait Photos Ever and Transfer these Files to Anyone

Want to shoot your best portraits ever? We’ve got some great tips for this! Let’s start..

Basic tips

Portrait photography tips could be very different, from simple tweaks to going through your camera settings. To get great portrait shots is always a challenge, even if you have a decent camera that gives you more control and possibilities.

So we decided to create a list of the most interesting portrait tips and tricks that could be useful for any photographer and help them improve their skills.

Set a wide aperture

How to get the most amazing portrait photos ever and transfer these files: set a wide aperture

When taking portrait photos, it is a good idea to set an aperture around f/2.8 to f/5.6. With a wide aperture you will be able to capture a shallow depth of field, making the subject of your portrait stand out from the background.

If you want to control the depth of field, choose shooting in Aperture Priority mode, which lets your camera set the shutter speed for correct exposure.

You can buy special portrait lenses with wide apertures (from f/1.4 to f/2.8), which will let you blur backgrounds even more.

Settings for shutter speed

How to get the most amazing portrait photos ever and transfer these files: settings for shutter speed

Choose focal length in your lens, otherwise blurred results will become a big problem for you.

Always make sure your effective focal length is lower than your shutter speed. For example, 1/20 sec with an 18mm focal length.

And don't forget to use your camera’s anti-shake system if you have it. Some cameras have this feature built in around the sensor.


How to get the most amazing portrait photos ever and transfer these files: set ISO

You will need to use a fast shutter speed to avoid the problem of blinks and motion blurring. This will also help to avoid camera shakes.

Simply increase your ISO (for example, from ISO100 to ISO400) to increase your shutter speed while in Aperture Priority mode .

If there is not enough light, increase to ISO1,600 or even 6,400.

How to choose your lens

How to get the most amazing portrait photos ever and transfer these files: how to choose a lens

Lens choice has a big impact on your portrait shooting process. A wide-angle lens is a must for portraits with visual impact. If you want to make your subject appear taller, shoot from a low angle. However, do not go close, because you might get some distortion.

Note that the background plays an important role in the photo. Always pay attention to everything that is going on in the background.

One of the best tools for creating portraits is a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. It will let you zoom in and also reduce the amount of background.

How to focus and frame

Make an interesting photo composition

How to get the most amazing portrait photos ever and transfer these files: make an interesting photo composition

Composition is very important! Try to zoom in and think of some cool way to get a great photo composition for your portrait. Look through some photo portraits online to get inspiration. A great technique is positioning your main subject on one side and capturing a very shallow depth of field by experimenting with wide apertures.

Chat with your model

How to get the most amazing portrait photos ever and transfer these files: chat with your model

The final shots aren't going to be great if your model feels uncomfortable. Try to chat with your subject before and during the photoshoot, discuss posing and composition.

Always offer the best pose when the shoot begins. And be sure to try and catch real emotions.

How to pose for portraits

How to get the most amazing portrait photos ever and transfer these files: how to pose for portraits

Your results will depend on many factors: how the main subject poses, stands and looks. Even a slight smile could bring a radical change to the overall emotion of the photograph.

Try to capture a range of expressions while shooting, so later you will have a choice of different options for editing. Play around and you will find what works best.

Importance of flash

How to use flash on sunny days

How to get the most amazing portrait photos ever and transfer these files: how to use flash on sunny days

Use your flash when the sun is up. Unfortunately, the sun could be a big problem for shooting portraits. It may cause harsh shadows and burnt-out highlights.

Our advice is to use a “fill flash” for improving your sunny day portraits. Your camera will be able to capture a more balanced exposure.


How to get the most amazing portrait photos ever and transfer these files: use speedlight

A speedlight is a very powerful tool, it can give you a brighter burst of light even for a group of people. With speedlight you will have more control over settings: for example, to angle up or sideways, to bounce the light off ceilings and walls.

Send large files

How to get the most amazing portrait photos ever and transfer these files: use FileWhopper

Once you are done shooting, probably the most difficult thing will be having to manage the hundreds of photos. But when the editing part is over, the new problem you may face will be having to send all the photos to the people you photographed. Try for large file transfer, it’s a super-easy way to share your high-resolution portraits. FileWhopper guarantees secure file transfer.

Thank you for being with us and have fun shooting portraits!

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