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Some Great Ideas for Your Family Portrait

Here are 10 creative ideas to make your next family photo shoot fun and enjoyable.

The holiday season is officially here, and nothing’s more fun and exciting than posing for a family portrait. It is a way to capture perfect family moments that we will cherish for years to come.

Ever noticed how kids grow up so quickly? You don’t want to miss the most important parts of their lives, and family portraits are where we keep memories alive.

So, if you're looking for inspiration for your next family photoshoot, you are in luck! We have rounded up some of the best family photoshoot ideas for 2020. You can incorporate them into your family photo sessions to make them fun and enjoyable. You can turn your family photos into wall art pieces or organize them in a series of photobooks to catch the best moments in your family’s journey.

Remember, your photos don’t have to look perfect straight out of the camera. To make them stand out, you have to do some basic editing.

So, how do you make a family portrait interesting? Here are 10 creative ideas to get you started.

1. Take Street Photos

The best photos are those that are shot without the couple/family realizing it. That explains why paparazzi get awesome shots of celebrities. Consider taking the family or couple to the streets, for example, and catch the candid moments when they are taking coffee, walking in the park, or walking around the city.

Look for the right backdrops like the sunset or just the perfect lighting. If kids are involved, tell both parents to hold their kids’ hands and walk towards you. Such moments depict strong bonds and a sense of family togetherness.

2. Play with Kids

Take parents to a park or playfield and tell them to play with their kids. Let them choose their favorite games and wait until they get immersed before you start taking shots. This is a great idea as you can capture their smiling faces and the entire family in their happiest moments. Plus, the background is likely to be filled with trees and grass, making for a breathtaking family portrait.

3. Organize a Dance Party

Music creates an atmosphere of happiness, cheerfulness, and merriment. Have people show off their best dance moves and shoot individual photos and group photos. Let them get creative with hilarious dress-ups and costumes that mimic their favorite music bands or singers.

4. Create a Theme

You don’t have to go to the beach for a beachy theme. You can create your own beach-like set-up right in your backyard. Bring out beach accessories like swimsuits, sunnies, tropical drinks, and oversized hats.

Tell everyone to relax and play their part (as if they were on an actual beach enjoying the sun), and capture the moments.

How about a fiery background on an orange pumpkin farm or in an apple orchard?

Recreation parks with golden leaves piled up on the ground also make for great family photoshoot ideas. You can even add some props to show off your bountiful harvest of autumn.

5. Take Pictures of Your Family Cooking

If you have a family that loves cooking, you can create a great theme by positioning your favorite meals and ingredients on the kitchen table. You can also line up the equipment and accessories you use to whip up your meals and pose for some amazing photos.

And if you thought the kitchen was only for cooking, think again. You can bring more fun to the place. Why not gather everyone together and tell them to show off their best poses as you take snapshots? The background is not only interesting but will also give you something to laugh out loud about for a few years to come.

6. The ‘Golden Hour’ Creates an Amazing Backdrop

The ‘golden hour’ is the first hour of light after sunrise and the last hour of light just before sunset. It creates such a perfect backdrop for a family portrait, giving it a vintage look. You can play around with different themes and costumes and throw in some hilarious poses too.

7. We All Cherish Storytime

Everyone as a kid loved it when their parents read to them. Why not turn those beautiful moments into memories by taking photos? Make the room lively and decorate it however you want. Don’t limit yourself here. You want a photo that you can look at 10 years down the line and still feel as if the memory is fresh.

8. Silhouette Shots Always Look Amazing

Have you ever tried taking silhouette shots? They look cool and classy, and it would take some convincing to make someone believe you took the photo using your smartphone. The perfect silhouettes are taken during sunrise or sunset when your subject is lit from a single direction.

9. Create a Circle in a Lying Position

You’ve probably seen this before on Instagram. However, it never gets out of style. Tell your family to lie down on the grass or sand (if you are on a beach) to form a circle and then take a snapshot.

You can try out different styles and poses. For instance, have the kids lie on opposite sides from each other and the parents do the same. Take a few snapshots and alternate them so that one kid lies opposite the dad and the other lies opposite the mom.

10. Experiment with Water Reflections

Don’t you love a picture of a mountain or a beautiful house with its vivid reflection in the water? You can try the same concept with your family. You don’t need to go to the lake or river to get the perfect shots. Puddles after rain are just ideal.

Try out different angles, and you’ll be surprised at the cuteness of the photos.

Use Props

You can create a unique setting using props for your family photos. Here are a few ideas worth trying out:

  • Colorful balloons or plastic bags
  • A teepee
  • A chalkboard
  • A wooden wagon

How Do You Pose for a Family Portrait?

Okay, you may have the most creative family photoshoot ideas, but without the right pose, a family portrait can turn into something you may not want to look at again. Some timeless poses include the following:

  • Make kids stand in front of their parents holding hands while the parents are kissing above them.
  • Where there is a newborn, get everyone to sit on the couch and focus on the new family member.
  • Make everyone wear matching outfits.
  • Make the couple or family walk hand in hand by the ocean or in the park.
  • Let the child walk ahead of the dad or mom as if they are leading them.
  • Let the kids play around.
  • Tell the kids to hug.
  • Let both parents hold the kid and kiss him/her.
  • If it is a group photo, invite everyone to sit close together. You can place the kids in their parents’ laps or have them stand with their arms around the parents’ shoulders.

What Are the Best Colors to Wear for a Family Portrait?

Last, but certainly not least, you should select the right outfit colors. You don’t want too bold colors that may take the focus away from the subjects. Equally, you don’t want dull colors that create a dull mood. We understand how stressful this can be, and we have some cool tips for you.

Colors for Professional Photos

Usually, the colors you pick will depend on the type of photo shoot you want. If you want to look professional, the popular black-and-white color combination will work great. Avoid patterned clothing at all costs as it looks overly casual. Plus, it can be quite distracting.

Colors for Outdoor Family Photo Shoots

Depending on the theme you want to create, you can try out clothes of matching colors. Take a photo session at the beach, for example. White dresses, shirts, and t-shirts will make for great outfits. You can also choose colorful summer outfits with attractive prints.

If you need matching outfits, you can let the kids wear similar tops while the others put on trousers of the same color. However, avoid going overboard with matching colors since this might also cause a distraction from the subjects.

You also want to avoid clothing with distracting patterns and large logos, which are known to overpower photos. Blending colors can be a challenge, and you don’t want to choose items or outfits that clash.

When it comes to colors, neutrals are always safe since they can easily blend with other colors.

Spring Color Schemes

  • Spring green
  • Light gray
  • Baby blue
  • Pale peach
  • Blush pink
  • Lavender
  • Soft yellow
  • Mint green

Summer Color Schemes

  • Yellow
  • Bold pink
  • Bright red
  • Royal blue
  • Turquoise
  • White

Fall Color Schemes

  • Denim and Tan
  • Dark purple
  • Green (dark shades)
  • Neutrals
  • Denim, yellow, crimson
  • Navy, tan, cream
  • Brown and maroon

Christmas Color Schemes

  • Black
  • Cream
  • White
  • Ruby red
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Gray (different shades)
  • Dark purple

Get Awesome Shots and Share Them with Ease

Now that you have the basics of how to take amazing family portraits, don’t limit yourself. Go all out and experiment with different colors, outfits, and weird and funny poses. Take snapshots in unusual locations, even those that you think are not ideal – the results might surprise you.

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