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How to easily share any game client

There’s a way to send a whole game client folder without compressing it. No size limits!

So, you need to transfer a game client or large patch. While this job might seem easy at first glance, my dear fellow, you’re in for a bumpy ride. The catch is, almost every file sharing service you know is not shy about imposing file size limits on uploads. That’s what I, being a naïve chap, had to put up with some time ago before, thank heavens, I luckily discovered FileWhopper, which allows users to send files or folders of up to 10TB in size! This is quite enough for me to send all the game clients I have on my PC at the moment, all together 🙂  

In this article, I’ll show you a step-by-step guide on how to solve the problem of sending big game clients online. Of course, I need to tell you from the very beginning that it will cost you money. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch, right? That said, transferring my 22GB game folder to my friend cost me about $2, and believe me, I got my money's worth.

In fact, FileWhopper saved me a couple of hours (and a lot of tearing of hair) because I didn’t need to divide the folder into smaller parts and compress each of them, which is a pretty annoying process indeed. It always pays to be smart, right?

So, let’s dive straight in and see the main benefits of using FileWhopper when sending game clients online:

  1. No size limits! Literally! Well, the top size of 10TB isn’t reachable anyway. 
  2. Pay as you go. The price depends on the size of your upload only. I needed to transfer just one game client to my friend, so I said no to all those monthly subscriptions. Purchasing virtual disk space was not an option either. 
  3. The transfer is secured and additionally protected with a password. There was no special or very private data in my game client folder, yet I was still pleased to know my transfer was safe.
  4. The integrity of transmitted data. I lost the Internet connection for several hours, but I didn’t need to start from scratch. My transfer resumed automatically from where it stopped as soon as I had the connection back.
  5. My friend was able to start downloading the client while I was uploading it. It saved both of us a lot of time, and we were able to start the game together sooner. 

The only thing you should know before starting your transfer with FileWhopper is that it works only on Windows OS. I guess their team is working to bring it live for Macs as well, but at the moment, you and your recipient both need to be PC users. We both play World of Tanks on PC, so it wasn’t a problem at all.

A notification that the service only supports uploads and downloads on Windows will be shown after choosing the file or folder for transfer on the main page of FileWhopper.

The next step is to choose the client folder you need to transfer. Just hold your horses, it hasn’t been uploaded yet. That way, the service just estimates the size and price. As you can see, the transfer ID appears immediately, so even the name of the folder can’t be seen by anyone. Wow, what a high level of privacy!

After choosing a huge folder for transfer on the main page of FileWhopper, the price for it will be calculated.

Normally, FileWhopper allows downloading your folder once, but if you need several people to download the client, you can just add extra downloads on the prepayment page. Once the upload starts, you have 14 days to complete it and ensure it has been downloaded successfully by your recipient(s). 

Reviewing the order for huge folder transfer and adding additional services.

In my case, the payment was completed in less than a minute, and I was redirected to my personal account with all the details of my transfer: the ID, size, price paid, storage time, and downloads left. I was offered to download the small FileWhopper App to proceed with my transfer. At first, I wasn’t happy at all as I didn’t expect I would need anything other than my browser to get things done. But when I read a bit more information about the privileges of using the FileWhopper App, I was finally OK with it. 

A FileWhopper personal account with pending upload transfer.

So, what’s the point of using the FileWhopper App?

  1. It guarantees full security unlike your browser. You can create your own passwords to protect the transfer.
  2. When you lose your connection or your PC restarts, the App just resumes the transfer from where it stopped. It’s really cool, especially when your folder is a monster.
  3. It supports simultaneous uploads and downloads. As I said before, my friend was able to start downloading while I was uploading the game client. It saved both of us a lot of time. 

The best thing is, using the App is a piece of cake. Just follow the few quick steps it guides you through and watch your progress bar 🙂 

FileWhopper app: the upload is in progress, and the user can see how much data has already been uploaded, the speed of the upload process, and how much time is left till the upload is finished.

When your folder is being transferred, its contents get locked, so you’ll not be able to play till the upload is fully completed. When I saw this warning in the App, I decided to wait till the evening and started the upload as soon as I was ready to go to bed. My friend did just the same and started a simultaneous download in the evening. In the morning, we woke up and everything was ready to play together.

By the way, the progress bar is also duplicated in your personal account on the website.

FileWhopper personal account: the huge folder upload and download are in progress, showing the progress of the transfer.

Although I had some troubles with my WiFi during the transfer, the App resumed the upload automatically and so did the download App on my friend’s PC. Everything went smoothly.

In general, I recommend using FileWhopper in case you need to transfer more than 5GB. Its functions are specially designed to ensure the smooth transfer of really massive files and folders. If your transfer is not so big, you’d better use Google Drive or Dropbox, which you are already used to. 

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