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September 1, 2020

How to Play Trivia Games Online with Friends

In this article, we provide answers to frequently asked questions, such as “how to find good trivia games online?” or “where to play trivia games with friends?”

Playing trivia games is a way to catch fun with family and friends. Also, it helps to boost smartness, critical thinking, and mental alertness.

But what happens when you have to play trivia with the same set of people all the time? You’ll soon run out of new ideas, and the game will no longer be fun and exciting as before.

People who love the excitement from trivia games are unwilling to let go of the fun. That’s why many resort to playing trivia games online, and that’s the reason we are writing this guide.

We particularly recommend trivia games online because the options are unlimited. There are several options, including question packs, to make it more fun.

Just so you can start to enjoy trivia games online, we have provided answers to frequently asked questions, such as “how to find good trivia games online?” or “where to play trivia games with friends?”

If you are having a hard time trying to find out how to play trivia games online, the following options might become your favorites.

But first,

What Are Trivia Games?

Trivia games are fun and educational exercises where contestants are asked questions from various topics. The more questions a participant answers, the more their chances of emerging the winner of the competition.

Moreover, trivia games can be played between individuals or groups to make them more fun and engaging. In the case of playing trivia games online with a group, you may have to transfer a game client to every participant using a file-sharing service.

Some people love to play trivia in parties, pubs, and with family members on special, fun occasions, but others do it for the excitement.

You can take playing trivia games a step higher by playing it online, and guess what? It's more fun. On top of that, there are many options to make playing online trivia games worth your time and excitement.

How Can I Find Good Trivia Games Online?

Learning how to find good trivia games online may be challenging for you. You don’t want to perform a Google search and waste much of your time reading through irrelevant content. (Google’s giving their best to ensure you have high-quality content anyway).

Moreover, some trivia games online are paid while others are free. Whether you want paid trivia games online or the free options, you need to know where to find the best trivia games online.

Hey! We’re not asking you to start wracking your head about where to find the best trivia games online. Only keep reading this guide patiently, and we will take you through the best platforms for having so much fun.

The options below are the best platforms we’ve discovered from our thorough research. Whether you want to play trivia games online with friends, family, or an unknown opponent, these media we will share with you below should be more than sufficient.

What Are the Best Trivia Games Online?

1. Funtrivia

Funtrivia is a go-to resource for trivia game lovers, with over 150,000 quizzes that gamers can choose from. And guess what? All games are at no cost. Create an account on Funtrivia to start using this platform for playing trivia games online.

Other benefits include access to daily email trivia and a comprehensive library of trending quizzes, topics, challenges, quiz formats, and more. It may also interest you to know that you can create your exercise too.

Though the games on Funtrivia are mostly free, you may choose to buy quiz packs comprising 50-100 domain-specific questions if you want to share your new exciting experience with friends and family.

The platform does not allow multiple users of the same account. Each user must be unique, and game lovers who want to have fun playing trivia online must create their accounts.

2. Random Trivia Generator (RTG)

RTG is a free online platform for trivia games that provides six categories that include arts, science, general knowledge, geography, history, and entertainment. This is the ideal platform if you think you like to be loaded with endless questions.

What’s more is it’s easy to play; you only have to select a category and then start answering the questions. Users may check the answer to a question by clicking it. For more fun, it's better to have a host who'll share their screen and reveal answers to others participating.

3. DIY trivia on Zoom and Google Hangouts

Thinking of the perfect way to play trivia at night with friends or family without being entirely vulnerable to the internet? Here’s how to do it yourself using Zoom, Google Hangouts, or other platforms that may support playing trivia games online.

  • Assign unique hosts for each trivia session. The host should supervise the devising of questions, moving to successive game rounds, and keeping tabs of participants’ scores.
  • Demand that answers be submitted through text messaging service to the host after each round is completed.
  • Provide answers to the questions in each round so people can also learn more.
  • Celebrate the winner (or winning team) and motivate those behind by revealing their scorecards.
  • Ask the hosts to provide a slideshow for all the questions using the screen-sharing features on Zoom or Hangouts, so they won’t have to tire out from reading long answers.

4. AllTheTests

AllTheTests is another platform with an endless stream of Trivia questions from different topics across the world.

An exciting feature of this platform is the quizzes are quite specific. That is, for example, you can select a general category, such as "Game," and you'll find several trivia questions for people who are exceptionally skilled in game-related topics.

Unlike Funtrivia, AllTheTests is free and does not require users to register on the website before playing their favorite trivia games.

Besides expanding your knowledge base with questions from this platform, you can access some quizzes that are useful for special trivia sessions with your family or friends.

5. Kahoot!

Kahoot is fun, but it is more an educational website than it is fun. You’ll love it if you’re particularly inclined to learning than to fun, but that’s not to mean you can’t get excited playing trivia on the platform.

It is used mostly in schools and other learning institutions for testing students’ knowledge. Occasionally, it may be used to create some fun in classrooms. We encourage educational organizations to try using this platform to create a balance between learning and fun for students.

Besides trivia quizzes, Kahoot has a variety of other games, but that’s another discussion entirely. Using Kahoot's over-500 million question database, users can create their quiz. If you want to exercise your mind, instead, you can also come up with your questions to play trivia with others.

When it comes to playing trivia games online with people at different locations, this platform makes it possible. Participants only need to connect to a specific Kahoot concurrently by logging in through a web browser or using the app.

The free plan is useful if all you want to is to enjoy playing trivia online with your family at night or some other time, briefly. If you want more engagement, however, subscribing to a paid plan will serve you better.

6. Fibbage XL

We like this one mainly because it plays on the mind so well. And if there's anyone smart enough to figure out the trick, you'll get to experience that "a-ha" moment, where everyone is patting the hero's back.

Players receive an unclear trivia fact that’s missing an essential detail. The goal is for participants to fill in the blank space so that other players may be fooled to think it’s the truth.

To play trivia online using this platform, participants have to log in to the website and navigate the trivia section. A minimum of two and a maximum of eight players can participate in the trivia game, which lasts for 15-20 minutes.

7. QuizUp

For competition freaks, QuizUp is a multiplayer game that allows a user to compete against another in a seven-round, multiple-choice question session cutting across different topics. There are more than 1,200 total topics to choose from, but guess what? Volunteers provide all the questions on the platform.

The trivia game is accessible using a dedicated app or directly on the web. Like Funtrivia, participants have to log in to use the platform. After that, you can choose a preferred topic and start competing against your pesky friend that keeps touting that they're better than you.

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Trivia games are exciting and enlightening. Hopefully, these online platforms for playing trivia games with the people you love will help you catch all the fun you want at those specially dedicated moments.

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