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How to Shrink and Send Large PC Game Files

PC games can be very large files that can take up tons of space of your hard drive. Especially if it is a game that uses high-quality graphics, which can easily take up 40GB, 60GB or even 100GB. Two big problems that you may face are:

  1. How to shrink large game files and get more free space on your hard drive
  2. How to send large video games online to another computer

In this article we are going to deal with these problems and offer you some very easy solutions. Ready? Let’s go 🙂

How to Send Large Game Files Online

Facing the problem of sending large game files online? Transfer large files with FileWhopper. You will get easy and secure file transfer with this online service.

Sending large files over the internet can be a big problem. A lot of services have limits on file size for upload. Your game file doesn’t fit within limits? Don’t worry, there is a service that has almost no limits on size for uploading files and offers secure file transfer. A large game file or a folder with multiple files can be sent easily to your friend or anywhere you need! Great feature: this service ensures minimum possible data loss. Data transfer will resume even if your computer reboots automatically. You can easily send any large file online, even if it is 100GB, 200GB or more.

Back Up Your Large Game Files

Need to back up large game files? Check out how to do this easily.

If you want to compress your game file, it’s a good idea to copy the file to a backup first. You need to do this, because there is a chance, however slight, that your game might not work correctly after being decompressed.

Not enough space for a full backup? Check to make sure that your game save files are stored in a folder different from where installation files are kept. If compression doesn’t work, delete the non-working game and re-download it again.

How to Compress Large Game Files

Need to compress large game files? Check out how to do this easily.

You can use different tools for compressing large game files. We also recommend checking out CompactGUI. It has an easy-to-use interface, but it only works if  you are using Windows 10. CompactGUI can compress any file, or folder with multiple files, that you want.

It is worth mentioning that some games will be compressed better than others. Compressing will help to save up to 75% of space. Don’t want to buy a new hard drive for more free storage space? Try compression tools.

If you get a game update, you will need to repeat the process of compression, because any new game files aren’t automatically compressed.

Always Test Your Game after Compression

After compressing your game files, you should test your game to make sure it works correctly. Be prepared to see it running slower. That happens because your CPU has to decompress the files to access them.

Don’t be too surprised if some games don’t run at all after compression. It often happens with fast-paced shooters and fighting games. Encountered any errors and don’t know what to do? Remember that the first step was to back up your large game files? So now you can delete the compressed files and restore your backup. Good thing you didn’t skip that step!

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