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How to Transfer Large Files from PC to PC

If you need to send someone a large enough file, depending on the size, this can be a problem and you definitely can’t do this by email. For example, Gmail allows you to attach files of only up to 25MB.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to perform  secure file transfer from one computer to another.

So let’s go through some great tips for sending large files online without running into trouble.

1. VPN Connection

How to transfer files from PC to PC: Use a VPN Connection

“What are you talking about? What does a VPN connection have to do with big file transfer?” - This might be the first question on your mind.

Well, the reason is quite obvious actually - upload bandwidth  (rather than download) could be moderated by your internet service provider. Your ISP cannot determine the type of files you're uploading or apply traffic shaping to your account if you are using a VPN connection.

P2P (peer-to-peer) is a very reliable method for sending large files.

2. File Compression

How to transfer files from PC to PC: Use File Compression

The easiest solution to the large file transfer problem is to use file compression software. If you have multiple files, this is very handy, because you can place all big files in one folder and compress it. One large file will transfer much faster than a folder with smaller files of the same size. File compression software is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and can compress files to the needed ZIP format. By the way, major operating systems can extract ZIP files even without any additional software.

3. Send a Hard Drive with Courier

How to send large files: Send a Hard Drive with Courier

Instead of trying to transfer big files via the internet, you can use an external disk drive and a courier. All large cloud storage providers offer the option to transfer files from pc to pc using hard disk drives, but the monthly or yearly pricing plans are not very convenient if you only need to send big files once. So the option of sending large files with a courier could be an interesting one if you need to transfer the contents of a 20TB external hard disk drive. Just don’t forget to keep a copy of your files and to encrypt the hard drive.

4. FileWhopper

And finally, see how to transfer files from PC to PC  using probably the easiest and most trusted way. Try the FileWhopper software if you are looking for secure file transfer. It is very easy: just upload your file, with NO size limit here, and the service will analyze it and tell you the price.

FileWhopper’s main benefits:

  • The highest possible speed due to using multi threaded data transfer technology;
  • Data transfer will resume if your computer reboots automatically, with minimum possible data loss;
  • The integrity of the transmitted data is ensured;
  • No size limit for any files;
  • No installation is required.

Sounds great?

Try it right now!

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