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Searching for Large Files in Windows

You have a computer with Windows OS and don’t know how to find all large files on your PC?

Sometimes you may need to run a deep search to check where the largest files are located on your computer. You should know that it’s not a very complicated task to locate all large files. We are going to show you the steps you need to follow on Windows 7 or Windows 8 (the same steps work for Windows 10)

How to Find Large Files on Your Windows 7

Step 1. Click the Start Menu and find the Computer option in the right-hand column between Music and Control.

Step 2. In Hard Disk Drives find and open the Windows (C:) drive.

Step 3. In the upper left corner of the window that opens find and click the Organize button. In the drop-down menu, select ‘Folder and search options’.

Step 4. Choose the General tab, then go to the Navigation Pane and click the ‘Show all folders’ option.

Step 5. Move to the right View tab and go to Advanced settings. Under ‘Hidden files and folders’ choose the ‘Show hidden files, folders, and drives’ radio button.

Step 6. Save your changes by clicking the Apply button and then OK.

Step 7. If you closed the window with the Windows (C:) drive, open it again. In the upper right corner click the search field and look for the Size link at the bottom under ‘Add a search filter’.

Step 8. In the drop-down menu, choose the ‘Gigantic (> 128 MB)’ option. You will see all the files on your computer that are bigger than 128MB. Be patient, because this search could take some time. The search will go through the entire C: drive. You will see the green progress bar showing how your search is going.

How to Find Large Files on Your Windows 10 (or Windows 8)


Step 1. First of all you should ensure that all hidden files and folders will display:

  • Click the Search button near the Start menu.
  • Type ‘Show hidden Files and Folders’ in the search field and you will see the found items above the search field. Open the ‘Show hidden Files and Folders’ option that is located in Control Panel.
  • Go to the View tab in the window that opens, then Advanced settings option, then under ‘Hidden Files and Folders’ check the ‘Show hidden files, folders, and drives’ option.
  • Click Apply and OK.

​Step 2.  Click the folder icon on the taskbar to open Windows Explorer.

Step 3. In the upper right you will see the search bar. When you click it, a new ‘Search Tools’ tab is added at the top of the window, and you will see advanced search options.

Step 4. Click the Size link and in the drop-down menu choose the ‘Gigantic (> 128 MB)’ option.

How to Send Large Files Online on Windows

Want to transfer large files online? Learn how to send large files easily and quickly.

So you found all large files on your Windows and need to transfer them to another computer? Not a problem! We recommend checking out the file sharing service for the largest files. This service is a great option because it lets you transfer any files or folders of any size. What other service can let you do this? Probably none. The only alternative would be to buy a monthly subscription plan for cloud storage, but this could be quite expensive with the large storage space that you’d need, plus you’ll have to check file size restrictions for uploads.

So the best way to send large files is here!

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