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July 15, 2021

Tips on Making Awesome YouTube Videos

In this article, we’ll share a set of guidelines for those who want to create attractive video content on YouTube

If you want to make competitive content on YouTube, there are essential guidelines to follow. In this article, you will learn how to create amazing YouTube videos that stand out from the competition and attract large audiences.

YouTube has become the main source of income for many content creators thanks to the rise of paid online ads. Anything that can draw attention online is capable of making money. When you are capable of creating attractive content, you will most likely have a large and loyal audience.

Now, businesses that want to sell their products need to advertise, and your channel may be the perfect place because it already has an active audience thanks to your interesting content. Thus, other businesses may wish to “borrow” your audience for a small period of time to advertise their product or service, and you will get paid for ad views.

As you can see, the idea of making money on YouTube is based on attracting a large audience that will subscribe to your content and getting money from ads. The tricky part is in creating exciting content to keep your audience engaged and active.

Find the Best Gear

Many YouTubers think that it’s all about the information they deliver, forgetting that the visual quality of their content also matters. A good camera will ensure that your videos are clear and of high quality. If you are to stream, for instance, games, a good rig will help you produce better video quality, and you will need a stable internet connection to ensure you don’t experience lags. You will also need a good mic with an intelligent voice filter. While your voice may be beautiful as it is in real life, a few tweaks here and there will perfect it and make it sound better on YouTube. Besides, you don’t want your breaths to be captured by the mic, hence the need for a good filter.

Also, get the best editing software to make your content look fabulous. Video editing can be challenging, but if you give yourself some time to learn the software you are to use for editing your videos, everything else will fall into place. We also advise you to stick to the same software to ensure that your video content has a unique identity. The whole idea revolves around being unique, and there is no better way to achieve that than by having a recognizable style.

Choose the Right Niche

YouTube and Twitch are the dominating platforms for sharing video content. These platforms are also the most paying in the industry. With that said, competition is high as there are a lot of people having the very same idea you have and trying to make it better to attract more audience. There is so much content, and some of it can exist for months without receiving a single view. Twitch is more competitive than YouTube, which makes it harder for one to achieve a breakthrough there. For instance, there are about 2 million content creators on Twitch, and only 1.2% of those are partners. YouTube, on the other hand, provides more opportunities for you to grow. However, that doesn’t mean things are easy on YouTube. Despite advertising your channel and all, you can still fail to get your content recognized due to it being irrelevant or not competitive enough. And here is another important point: Twitch needs you to be streaming all the time to grow your audience, unlike YouTube, where you can create your videos offline, having enough time to polish your content before posting it on your channel.

With that said, finding a unique niche that will make your content stand out is the ultimate goal. Find the right niche for you and stick to it. Remember, at first, it may seem difficult, but you always get better with time. Therefore, sticking to a particular niche even when things don’t quickly turn out as expected will help you grow your channel and also understand what your audience appreciates in the long run.

Finding a unique niche can be a bit challenging, especially with the platforms already flooded. You should know what your target audience is interested in and find a gap to fill with your content. For instance, if you are part of a gaming community, try presenting videos that are useful and that people can refer to or use as tutorial information. Videos such as skill tutorials and guides on how to complete certain missions can be particularly interesting to your audience.

You also don’t want a niche that will soon burn out as you need to keep your channel loaded with content and avoid running out of ideas. Therefore, when choosing your niche, remember that you need something to keep you in the game. Take, for instance, YouTubers who entirely relied on the Game of Thrones series to produce their content. Now that the series is finished, what else can they produce to keep their existing audience entertained? While some of them managed to switch to other niches and jump ship while successfully keeping their original audiences, a bunch of channels just ceased to exist. Therefore, your ideas should not be limited to a topic that may become irrelevant in the nearest future. Make sure to find a niche that people will always be interested in.

How you post your videos also matters. If you just throw your content into the platform without properly labelling it, it will remain irrelevant. Therefore, make sure to label your videos properly so that viewers can easily find your content. This method will help you build a loyal audience step by step. If your content is great, your viewers will stay to watch more. Once YouTube sees that you have developed a loyal audience, it will start recommending your content to others.  

Improve Your Editing and Formatting Skills

You don’t need to be a professional editor to produce awesome content. It's all about selecting the right program and putting in enough time to learn how to effectively use the software. Poorly edited videos can drive the audience away. By investing more time into editing your videos, you will deliver high-quality content that will keep your audience hooked for a long while. YouTube itself has a lot of tutorials to teach you how to use your chosen software to edit your videos professionally.

Once you have mastered your editing skills, now is the time to know what to keep and what not. The whole idea of editing a video is to keep your audience interested until the end. Those boring scenes can be a turn-off making your video unnecessarily long and irritating your audience. So, you need to cut boring scenes to make your videos more action-packed. Although you want to create unique content, do your best to learn from successful YouTubers how they do it by just watching their most popular videos.

Formatting your videos properly usually helps you gain favor with YouTube’s algorithm. The platform seems to appreciate longer videos. That means the longer you get a viewer to watch your videos, the better the chances of growing your audience. When your content is long, YouTube will begin to recommend it to other users. Apart from being longer, you also need your videos to be engaging. If your video is relevant and can keep the audience hooked right till the end and convince them to take action towards it (like or subscribe), you are moving in the right direction.

Consider using thumbnails, tags, and catchy titles with relevant keywords to promote your content. When you utilize great marketing tools for your content, your audience will grow. Thumbnails are a great way of capturing one’s attention. However, be careful not to get it wrong. Clickbait content can be annoying and can even reduce the value of your entire work. While it may immediately attract a significant number of viewers, just know they will not stay long and this is not what you are looking for.

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Hopefully, our tips will help you create and share amazing videos. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to use the comments section below.

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