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October 24, 2019

New PC Games in October 2019

It is a tradition for PC gamers to keep on checking upcoming games as existing installations will never be good enough to restrict a gamer from checking other titles. Stay tuned if you want to know what PC games are worth playing in October 2019.
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As the year comes to a close, the highly anticipated PC games of 2019, both big and small titles, have started to hit the screens in numbers. PC gaming has gained momentum over the years, and a computer is slowly becoming a preferable choice for gaming compared to the likes of Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo. This is due to obvious reasons, such as the ability to upgrade your PC without having to buy a whole new system. A PC also allows one to do various things on that very same machine unlike a console that is specifically designed for one thing, which is gaming. Another upper hand that a PC gamer has is that most of the great games are available on and compatible with Windows. An argument whether to stick to PC gaming or play on a console can go on for days, but there is one thing that bring gamers together regardless of the platform that they are on: that is the anxiety of waiting for upcoming games, as well as enjoying the already released titles. 

It is a tradition for PC gamers to keep on checking upcoming games as existing installations will never be good enough to restrict a gamer from checking other titles. Therefore, we have come up with a list of great games available from October 2019. Stay tuned if you want to know what PC games are worth playing in October 2019.  

What PC Games Are Worth Playing in October 2019? 

1. Ghost Recon Breakpoint 

Released on the 4th of October, 2019, Breakpoint continues an exciting series of Ghost Recon. It is the third installation of the game title, coming as a successor of Ghost Recon Wildlands. The latest installation comes with a twist that turns its focus more on survival. It delivers a much bigger world to explore, which is set in the game’s Pacific Island of Aurora.  

The plot follows a battle against the former Ghost agent Jon Berthal who went rogue and took over the military tech company that has their operation set on the Island. This third-person shooter game provides much flexibility when it comes to approaching combat. It allows gamers to go all guns blazing or use stealth and kill their target smoothly and silently. The game has 4 characters with the other 3 assigned to the AI or other online players. Apart from the campaign mode, competitive multiplayer mode is also available to enjoy.   

2. Warsaw 

Although most of the latest games focus on delivering great visuals, Warsaw is a 2D game that delivers a compelling storyline which will keep you hooked to the game. It is a WW2 turn-based RPG set in the war-torn city of Warsaw, Poland. The hand-painted graphics portray a beautiful image and smoothly transform when there is a turn of events. What you do in the game involves taking control of a group of dedicated civilians and soldiers fighting to take back their city from foreign forces. If you watched the 2014 movie, Warsaw, then you will definitely like the game and also easily catch up with the tricks. The release date was set on the 2nd of October, and the game is compatible with PC, PS4, and Xbox One.  

3. Grid 

Cooked by Codemasters, Grid is a racing series that is beautifully crafted. The game gives the players an ultimate adrenaline-kicking experience. It gives you the opportunity to feel the thrill of sitting behind the wheel while in control of the finest engines in the world. The game presents amazing graphics and fine-tuned controls to make the experience more realistic. Cars are pretty much responsive, and additional tracks extend the fun.  

4. Chernobylite 

Chernobylite is a game that is based on the disaster that happened in 1986 in the northern city of Ukraine – Chernobyl. The disaster was caused by a nuclear plant which exploded due to reactor design flaws and a protocol breach. The affected area remains non-livable up to date due to high levels of chemical radiation. The game tosses you back to that calamity as a physicist searching for his lost wife. The developers of the game went an extra mile in making the game look more realistic by 3D scanning the entire area. Other than fighting the extradimensional monsters, you also get to hunt, but be sure to watch out for other stalkers who won’t hesitate to stab you in the back.   

5. Destiny 2: Shadowkeep 

Destiny’s Shadowkeep marks the first release of the game title on the Steam platform, having broken ties with the PC platform. It is also no longer in association with Activision publishers. The latest entry of the game comes with exciting features such as a new story mode, altered game systems and enhanced equipment customization. These changes enable unlimited changes on mods to armor components. Shadowkeep has new seasonal content formation and features the comeback of artifacts, which is also seasonal.   

What Games Are Coming Out in October 2019? 

In the last two and a half months of 2019, you can expect a couple more gaming titles. These include the likes of: 

1. Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince 

Trine 4 continues an interesting series that lets gamers explore a fictional world using three characters. This action-packed game delivers amazing effects and allows gamers to switch between the original three characters that have got distinct fighting powers. The game also allows co-op mode in which players can play together online or locally controlling the available characters. The Nightmare Prince already hit the screens as of the 8th of October, 2019.  

2. WWE 2K20 

Who doesn’t know WWE? And yes, we know that the actual event is simulated, so you do not have to start the argument. Anyway, there is something special about this new entry of the WWE franchise. It will be the first to be published without Yuke’s, which was responsible for all the previous entries, in the development department. The game comes with exciting newly added features such as a female story mode and improved returning modes. There is also an exciting return of characters such as Chyna and Hulk Hogan. The game was just released on the 22nd of October, 2019.  

3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 

This will be the first COD game entry not to feature a number after the game title. Modern Warfare is described as a reboot of the entire series, and it is set to deliver updated fighting technics and weapons that reflect modern-day technology. Through the narrative, the single-player mode will have a high production value, featuring contemporary paths. The multiplayer mode is likely to be revamped with the comeback of co-op Spec Ops and the appearance of other additions, such as Gunfight, which will make players fight each other two-on-two within a 40-second interval. The game will also feature Ground War that sees gamers fight each other on large-scale grounds accommodated by up to 100 players. To top everything, for the first time, the game will feature cross-platform matching, which will enable gamers on consoles and PC to play together. This latest COD entry was recently released on the 22nd of October, 2019.  

4. Neo Cab  

If you thought being an Uber driver is hell, then try being one in hell. Neo Cab gives you a hint of what it feels like to drive around actual monsters. As the last human, you get to drive in a neon-soaked place searching for your friend who happens to be the most wanted in the city. The game is tough to play, and you will receive some bad reviews, which will make your life as a taxi driver hard as well. The game got released on the 3rd of October, 2019.   

5. Deliver Us the Moon 

Deliver Us the Moon is an indie game that stems from the ID@Xbox initiative, a platform that aims to promote indie game projects. The game hasn’t much to offer and will provide you with a short experience. However, this does not mean boredom as you will definitely get an everlasting memory of the game. The game delivers a compelling narrative. In the game, humans discover a new energy source. And with operations taking place there, something happens, which leads to a hasty end of operations happening there. Now, because of the much-needed energy source, someone has to be sent to investigate and possibly reboot the operations there, and you are that astronaut. The gameplay will give the gamer the moon experience with less force of gravity. You  will get to explore the moon surface alone, only accompanied by an AI-operated drone. Your mission is to investigate what happened some years back and get the dangerous machines back on track.   

Upcoming Games in October 2019 

If you thought that 2019 is boring, think again. There’s more to it! 

1. The Outer Worlds 

This is an open-world adventure that is set in a sci-fi environment with many machine-like opponents to fight off. Fallout 3 fans will like this title due to its similarities and sharing the same developers, Obsidian Entertainment. The game is a full package that includes what fans wished for on Fallout 4 and what they liked in Fallout 3, such as dialogue choices that may change the whole concept of the game. The single-player mode takes a sci-fi setting and gives a first-person shooter experience. The game also features time-slowing technologies that help you take clear shots in slowed time. The game is set for release on the 25th of October.  

2. Red Dead Redemption 2 

Set for release during the first week of November, this is a long-anticipated game, and the fact that November is just around the corner makes the gaming title worth mentioning it. This western-themed action-adventure game has got almost everything, from the exciting story mode to the enhanced graphical and technical effects, that a gamer needs to keep their adrenaline levels high. The game delivers new modes, such as Bounty Hunting Missions and Gang Hideouts, and a great selection of weapons, to mention a few. We all know that Rockstar games are associated with Steam. However, Steam faithful fans will have to wait until December for RDR2. As of the 5th of November, the game will be available on Epic Games, Greenman Gaming, and Humble Bundle.  

Special Mentions for November 

1. Need for Speed Heat 

Set to be released on the 8th of November, this entry may as well mark the new era of this racing franchise. Its been a while since gamers longed for something like NFS: Most Wanted. The 2005 version is by far the best Need for Speed entry to date. Even the reboot couldn’t do enough justice. With Heat already warming up to enter the shelves, we are hoping for a classic drop which will let gamers pimp their rides and get ready for illegal street racing with cops’ cars on their tails.  

2. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order 

This latest entry of Star Wars was first announced in April 2019. This gave most of the fans much excitement, and over the course of time, we got to see a bunch of trailers that are slowly but carefully revealing what to expect. So far, it is safe to say the game is worth waiting for. For starters, the graphics are amazing and the dialogue seems to have reached new heights. There is a lot to look forward to as shown in the latest gameplay, which includes wall walking, new fighting techniques such as parries and every gamer’s favorite slide from Mario. Due to age restrictions and Disney regulations, we do not know how the game got to include animal dismemberment. However, from the looks of it, Jedi Fallen Order is a great game that has done pretty well to incorporate what gamers cried for.   

Given the length of this article, it’s safe to conclude that one cannot have just a single favorite game. May the goddess of games forgive your understandable greed as you seek out to try almost all the fourteen titles mentioned here. After all, a gamer lives for the thrill of their winning streak! 

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