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August 27, 2021

The Best Free Android Apps to Stream Live Sports

Streaming apps are among the most popular programs on Android devices. Download one of the sport streaming apps mentioned below and enjoy live sports events.

One of the major differences between an Android device and an iOS device is the freedom of installing third-party software. Android is an open-source OS that allows users to install any third-party software without having to face any credential issues. Unlike the iOS platform, Android lets users easily install any third-party apps. All you need to do on your Android phone is grant permission to install apps from unknown sources. Because of this powerful feature, Android users get access to amazing third-party software.

Among the most popular programs on Android devices are streaming apps. The Internet has taken over traditional cable TV: with network providers striving to provide better Internet speeds, users find it easier to stream channels on their mobile devices than to watch them on cable TV.

Many of the users who stream on Android are interested in live sports events. There is also an increase in people who bet on sports events online. Sports such as basketball, soccer, cricket, American football, tennis, hockey, golf, and wrestling are live on the air almost every second, meaning there’s almost always something live to watch.

With so many people interested in watching sports events every now and then, many third-party developers have seen this niche and decided to take advantage of it. While there are many streaming options out there, when downloading sport streaming apps from unknown sources, you should be extremely careful as you are running the risk of infecting your PC with malware or leaking sensitive information.

Some apps ask for permissions that are irrelevant to their functionality. For instance, a streaming app may ask to access your contact list. It is a fact that most of the apps that are not downloaded from verified sources such as Google Play and Amazon App Store are a potential risk to your device and your privacy. Therefore, we recommend granting only those permissions that are relevant to the app’s functionality.

In this article, we will go through some of the best sports live streaming apps for Android that you can use for free. These are the apps you can use without having to worry about harming your device or risking your privacy. So, without much delay, let's get into it.

Before diving into the list, let's get one thing clear: although all the apps on the list are great options, you need to try out a few of them to identify the one that works best for you. You should consider the type of sport you watch most and your geolocation.

Show Sport TV

This is an app that lets you enjoy various live sports events on the go. The app features a number of great channels from around the globe. Although the website version is overcrowded with ads, the mobile app is surprisingly clean and operates quite smoothly. Here are some of the best channels you will find on offer in this app: beIN Sports, Sports Net, Sony Ten, Fox Sports, Sky Sports, Star Sports, BT Sports, WWE Network, Sports Net, Sports Klub, and others.

The app offers minimum buffering, supports high-definition video quality, and is feature-rich. The built-in video player accompanied by an extensive list of 90+ channels makes this app a worthy recommendation. There is no need to create an account, plus you get notifications of upcoming matches. The interface is also friendly to use.

Sports Angel

This is a great spot for live streaming sports events. The app features a large number of sporting activities, such as cricket, soccer, basketball, racing, and many more. Sports Angel presents some of the best channels in Europe and North America. Moreover, you get to enjoy this app for free. Although there are ads, it’s not something that gets to the point of annoying the user. Sports Angel delivers a navigation system that is simple to master and friendly. The app lets users set the video resolution according to their preferences to comfortably enjoy their sport of interest.

Sports Angel is also compatible with Android TV and Fire TV, which means you can also enjoy your favorite sport on a big screen. The app is solid and ideal for those who love North American and European sports. You don’t need to sign up to enjoy your favorite games on the Sports Angel app.

Genius Stream

Another promising live sport streaming Android app with a lot of features, Genius Stream features a robust list of channels, with most of them delivered in HD. The app presents a massive channel library that features live TV for sports and movies. Users from the US, the UK, France, and many other countries can enjoy the simple yet sophisticated app on their Android devices. The app lets users watch sports, movies and other entertainment programs from various regions such as the UK, the United States, France, and other European, Asian and American countries. Here are some of the cool features presented by Genius Stream:

  • Supports multiple devices
  • No need for a subscription
  • Features beIN Sports and other channels from 10+ countries
  • No need to register
  • HD video quality supported


Mobdro is one of the most popular Android sports live stream apps. The app delivers a formidable list of channels categorized into Sports, Movies, Entertainment, Animals, Gaming, and many more. There are also on-demand TV shows available on the app, which you can also download to watch later when offline. The app features an extensive list of channels offered in more than 10 languages from over 30 countries. This gives users a wide range of options when it comes to sports events, movies and other entertainment programs. There is no need to register to use the app. Although the app is not available on Google Play Store, you can easily get it from its website.

Live Net TV

This app is one of the most popular sports streaming apps. It manages to entice users with a formidable list of channels from various regions. Sports lovers together with movie and TV show fans can access this app via their Android devices and enjoy over 700+ channels. Presenting a clean interface accompanied by various genres, Live Net TV allows users to watch any available live sports. The app is compatible with Android devices operating on version 4.1 or above. Here are some of the cool features that you will enjoy on Live Net TV:

  • HD video quality
  • VOD movies available
  • Supports Chromecast
  • Over 740 live channels at your disposal
  • Absolutely free

Sony LIV

This is the ultimate sports app that lets users enjoy an incredible list of channels from all corners of the world. Developed by Sony, the app is well-known for streaming high-definition video. LIV delivers a smooth experience with no lags, and if you have a stable connection, you are bound to have a great experience. The app has the right to broadcast some of the most loved sports around the world, such as soccer, rugby, MMA, racing, etc.

There is no need to subscribe to watch any of the channels. However, there is a catch when streaming without a subscription: streams are delayed by 5 minutes, meaning your live sports events will be behind by 5 minutes. This isn’t a bad deal if you are to consider the content available. The app was exclusively designed for the Indian region. Therefore, if you are outside the region and want to use it, you must get a VPN with Indian servers.

ThopTV Sports

This is an app that manages to deliver a variety of programs in a convenient manner. Starting with the presentation of a strong library of channels harvested from different countries, ThopTV never seizes to please its users. On this app, you can find thousands of free channels that you can watch without having to create an account. You can enjoy live sports and movies, and there are other entertainment programs to keep you hooked.

ThopTV hosts a number of great channels from the US, Germany, Canada, the UK, India, the Middle East, and other countries and regions. If some of the channels are not available in your region for copyright reasons, you can bypass the restriction by using a trusted VPN app.


A bit complicated but quite a joy once you get everything set up, Kodi isn’t exactly a live streaming platform, but it lets you add file repositories to enjoy free TV programs. For starters, you need to install the Kodi app from Google Play Store and then install the cCloud add-on. This will give you 1400+ channels to enjoy for free.


This is also a robust app that lets you stream over 150 channels for free. As the name suggests, the app is based in the UK but features channels from around the world. With UK TV Now, you enjoy channels from the UK, the US, and India, to mention but a few. The app lets users filter shows based on genre, release year, rating, and other parameters. You don’t need an account to enjoy the services of the UK TV Now app. To download this app, you need to get the latest APK from its site.

beIN Sports Connect

This is one of the best sports streaming apps to enjoy on your Android device. The app is available to a number of regions and delivers amazing channels screening events from all over the world. It is available in both English and Spanish. The app is famous for presenting high-quality live sport streams, videos, highlights, and pre- or post-match reviews. The app gives you access to a network of channels under beIN Sports to enjoy an array of sports events, which include soccer matches from La Liga, Turkish League, UCL, and Europa League and basketball, MotoGP, boxing, MMA, and rugby events, to mention but a few.


Here is another outstanding app with a great reputation. Popular for streaming major sports events, ESPN is highly recommended for those in search of a stable streaming experience. The app holds plenty of broadcasting rights. The ESPN Android app has a sleek design and friendly interface complemented by a smooth transition when changing channels. The app does not buffer much and works well under normal internet speeds. Users also have the ability to change video quality to match their internet speed. ESPN provides a convenient way to stream live events from the comfort of your Android device.


Specifically designed for the lovers of Indian content, this app is a gem. The online version features an extensive library of high-quality Indian dramas, movies, and TV shows. Aside from the long list of amazing movies and TV shows, the app also presents some of the best sports channels to entice you with live sports events. You can enjoy the app’s services without any subscription, but there is a catch: live sports events will be 5 minutes behind. Some of the best live sports events shown on the app include soccer matches from Premier League and Bundesliga and cricket, tennis, and Formula One events, to name but a few.

eDoctor IPTV

If you are in search of an enticing app to watch live TV, then you should strongly consider the eDoctor IPTV app. Compatible with Android, this app lets you enjoy its features while on the go. There are over 1000 channels to watch on this app. It also has a useful feature that allows users to categorize channels by country or category. On this app, you will find channels from all over the world, including the UK, the US, Europe, and Asian countries.

RedBox TV

This is a free live TV app that streams sporting events from various regions in high definition. The content on this app is amazing, featuring over 1000 channels harvested across 10+ countries. The app comes with built-in support for various media players. It also has a simple UI that is easy to use. You get access to sports channels, entertainment channels, and science channels, among others.

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