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October 12, 2022

PCM Files: How To Open, Convert, And Send Them?

PCM stands for Pulse Code Modulation, which is a popular method for digitally encoding audio. A PCM file contains raw audio data that you can play back on any device that supports the format or type of compression used in the file. The most common file extension for PCM files is .pcm, but some other […]

October 5, 2022

ALAC Files: How to Open, Convert, And Send Them?

When you purchase albums or songs from iTunes, the downloaded files are usually in the AAC format (Advanced Audio Coding). But there’s another audio file called ALAC that Apple uses. This file can help you rip CDs or convert them from other file types. This guide will explain everything you need to know about ALAC […]

September 28, 2022

M4A Files: How to Open, Convert, And Send Them?

M4A is one of the most popular audio formats you’ll find online. It’s used to compress audiobooks, music, and other multimedia files. If you’ve ever downloaded music or video from an app store or file-sharing platform, there’s a good chance it was in M4A format. M4A files are quite convenient to use. But they are […]

September 21, 2022

WAV Files: How to Open, Convert, And Send Them?

Since its creation by Microsoft, the WAV files have been an excellent way for musical artists to share their works easily without damaging sound quality. It is one of the oldest and most popular audio formats and has been the de facto standard for storing audio on PCs. Although it was originally designed for PC […]

September 14, 2022

FLAC Files: How to Open, Convert, And Send Them?

The FLAC format is becoming more and more popular for audio files. Today, we explore what FLAC is, why more and more people are using it, how you can open a FLAC file and what tools to use to convert it. Plus, we will share a fast and easy way to send large FLAC files […]

September 7, 2022

WMA Files: How to Open, Convert, And Send Them?

There are many different audio formats, from the popular MP3, WAV, and FLAC, to the less popular AIFF, OGG, PCM, and WMA. However, each of these audio formats and extensions has features that set it apart from every other. Whether this distinction has to do with compression style, sound quality, or file size, every audio […]

September 2, 2022

OGG Vorbis Audio Files: How to Open, Convert, And Send Them?

Many people today use digital music files for easier accessibility and a considerably better listening experience. Whether you have them stored on your computer or an external hard drive, converting them to another format can be quite challenging. Most audio files downloaded from the internet come in M4A or MP3 file formats. However, that does […]

August 24, 2022

AAC Files: How to Open, Convert, And Send Them?

When it comes to the most popular audio formats or file extensions, MP3 tops the list. But it isn’t the most efficient or best-sounding format out there. In fact, several audio formats outdo MP3s in every way possible. One of such formats is the AAC codec standard which is generally slightly better-sounding, takes up less […]

August 18, 2022

5 Best Fast & Free Apps for Large File Sharing Online

Nowadays, most of the work is done online. People use various devices to work on the document due to a lot of moving. One can start a project on their PC at the office, review it on their way home using a smartphone and then send to a colleague when they get on their laptop […]